Saturday, September 10, 2005

Fathers and Sons (1)

A Grand Night

When the film Tell England came
To Leamington, my father said,
'That's about Gallipoli - I was there.
I'll call and see the manager...'

Before the first showing, the manager
Announced that 'a local resident...' etc.
And there was my father on the stage
With a message to the troops from Sir Somebody
Exhorting, condoling or congratulating.
But he was shy, so the manager
Read it out, while he fidgeted.
Then the lights went off, and I thought
I'd lost my father.
The Expedition's casualty rate was 50%

But it was a grand night out,
With free tickets for the two of us.'

D.J. Enright (b.1920), Collected Poems, OUP, 1981, 120 (Originally from his The Terrible Shears: Scenes from a Twenties Childhood, 1973).
My thanks to Professor John Ramsden for pointing this poem out to me.


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