Monday, September 19, 2005

Target marking

Bit quiet on the blogging front for a while, I know. I've been working on one project which is hard to blog, and others where the need has been to produce something specific for a deadline. I'd felt the risk that blogging could be a diversion from work rather than an aid to it, so I knuckled down and just got it done. The other reason for my silence has been that this is the pre-registration week before term begins and that, like academics across the country, I've been remembering all the jobs I meant to get done over the summer but haven't.
Amongst that preparation, things that might be of interest to readers of this blog (I hope you're both well):
1) encouraging my own first PhD student that he should blog his work (a decision he needs to make for himself, rather than having it forced on him, but at least there's plenty of good practice to point to).
2) re-writing my 'Britain in the Second World War' undergraduate course to include a Clausewitz lecture and seminar. I had to think carefully about where to put this. I don't think that my classes generally do enough to extend students' range conceptually, and C von C's remarkable trinity is a fascinating/useful way to look at WW2 (particularly since one of the themes of the course is the interconnectedness of every aspect of the war). When I taught at Sandhurst, we hit the cadets with Clausewitz early on, then referred back. But they were people with quite a lot (in some cases) of background knowledge about war. I can't always rely on that broader knowledge with my undergrads. So I've put the lecture at the end of the first semester, so that they'll be able to apply the theory to some examples they already have. I'll update on progress.
3) converting aspects of my Great War course for use with 'gifted and talented' sixth form students in an online study group.
In the next couple of days, I'll post up this material. And there's also the details of the War and Memory seminar group that Catherine Merridale and I are starting. And then I'm going to a conference in Dublin which I'll summarise for y'all. And then I might finally get back to considering the points about the military experience ratio and the Fathers and Sons threads which I've been meaning to write up for some time.


Blogger MaryB said...

Two things impress me. That you have time to blog at all right now. And that you know the correct spelling of the word "y'all." You'd be surprised at the number of folks who write "ya'll." Humph. Good luck with the new term.

7:16 PM  
Anonymous Steve said...

Dear Dan -
Dead Karl (as we call him) is great fun. Show them the diagramme of his 'remarkable trinity' and then ask them what they think in 20th Century warfare made up the constitution of the lines of the triangle! (Clue - one is mass media and propaganda...)

8:48 AM  

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