Monday, March 20, 2006

The First World War in stereoscope

(Thanks to Michelle Rhoades, via the Society for First World War Studies discussion list, apologies for cross posting).
A new set of First World War photos, from a private collection, posted on a French site. These images (some of which are pretty grisly) were originally produced in stereoscope.
You can see an original example on the site. The idea was to create a three dimensional effect. It might at first seem curious that anybody would want a 3-D picture of dead bodies, yet the images and viewers were an important means of imaginative participation in the war for non combatants at the time and after. Althought there was a vital line of separation between front line soldiers and civilians based on experience, we shouldn't believe that those who didn't fight were completely ignorant (at the time and after) of the horrors of the trenches.


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